LIVE Capture from your camera to clients in seconds

Capture Auditions

Edit, Approve & Upload Files

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Capture images, videos and audio clips direct from the Studio App with ease.

Auto approve or manually review and edit your captured media,  then upload to the cloud

Select and share audition media with your clients 'ready to review within seconds of capture'.

Collaboration is key

The Audition Magic Studio App comes coupled with the complete  Audition Magic audition and scheduling system,  it's power is in it's cloud based collaboration engine, allowing you to capture live and share with your clients, director, producer and other colleagues instantly! 

Here true collaboration takes place, where decision makers can all comment, vote and decide on who is right for the project/role.

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All the love

"Managing my casting is a breeze, with one central system to manage it all capture, reference and sharing, look no further than audition magic."

- Rachael W · Casting Associate

"We won't run a project without it, audition magic helps us manage the entire audition process so easily and the live capture is genius when we run auditions it's a must have for production companies"

- Tony Smith · Adams & Davy Entertainment

"Audition Magic has listened to the industry and the results are great, they have worked hard to give us exactly what we need, it's easy to use, for us and our clients - the feedback has been great."

- Dave Newman · Casting Director

"Uploading happens within seconds of an Actor leaving the casting studio room! Not only is it a smooth process, it’s user friendly and most importantly, time efficient. Audition Magic…..

It really is MAGIC!”"

- Jane Trotter · Commercial Casting Director

"As a Director this is how I want to review my auditions and make collaborative decisions, from my computer or iPad, that's why I will use it on all my feature films"

- Michael Gracey · Film Director

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